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Technology Support

     Welcome to Colusa Unified School District Technology page!  Here at Colusa Unified we are striving to provide our students with the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology.

     We are doing this by updating our labs with newer, faster HP desktop computers in addition to updating and upgrading our teacher computers from Gateway desktops to HP laptops.  

     We now have wireless coverage at all 3 school sites providing access to powerful instructional tools to assist our teachers in their mission in instructing our students. 

     We are also providing our staff and students Google Accounts to leverage all of the tools that Google has to offer at 0 cost to the district. These accounts will be used to facilitate 21st Century learning by using free Google Apps for Education Cloud resources to provide a conduit between teachers and students for communicating, collaborating and completing classwork and homework.

     Check back here for updates on future projects!

Free Curriculum Resources

Free & Low Cost EBooks: Ebook website with access to many well known publishers for free or low-cost.


CK12: One of the largest creators of free curriculum resources online, nonprofit CK12 offers textbooks, flashcards, lessons and storage so districts can create their own online textbooks. 


Discovery Education: Offers digital content, interactive lessons, real-time assessment, virtual experiences and professional development. It offers a free math and science game, a science program one day a year and a historical program about the Holocaust. 


EngageNY: Provides free Common Core State Standards curriculum in English and math. 


Khan Academy: Primarily known as a science and math website, but it has thousands of free online lessons, games and resources in subjects as diverse as art history and computer programming. Everything on the nonprofit’s website is free. 


Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge: The website features lessons and material on using art to teach numerous subjects, including math. 


Library of Congress: Offers primary source documents, lesson plans and activities for social studies and English language arts, sortable by grade and standard. 


National Geographic: National Geographic Learning publishes educational textbooks that must be purchased, but also offers free activities, lesson plans and videos in geography, social studies and science. 


National Park Service: Offers hundreds of student activities, lesson plans and supplemental classroom materials in primarily social studies and science. 


OER Commons: A curated digital library of free open educational resources from more than 400 sources. Content is vetted by curriculum specialists. 


PBS LearningMedia: Videos, games, lesson plans and curriculum resources sortable by grade, subject or standard. Also offers free tools for helping teachers build quizzes and lessons. 


SAS Curriculum Pathways: Interactive lessons, documents and resources in math, English language arts, science, social studies and Spanish aligned to multiple standards. Online and mobile apps for students include Writing Reviser. 


Many of these resources will let you use your Google account to log in.

Instructions to sign up for Chromebook Calendar

Director of IT
Contact Lisa Nilsen Raymond  Lisa Nilsen Raymond (530) 458-7791 ex: 4020 Director of Information Technology

Google Apps

Knowledge Base

SUBMIT A Work Order for MOt or technology

Retry, Reboot, Report!

Please use this mantra when dealing with a computer issue.  Step 1, RETRY.  When you first experience a computer problem, verify there  is an issue and RETRY the operation.  If the problem persists, Step 2, REBOOT.  A simple REBOOT can often clear up many of our daily computer pains.  Generally, if after rebooting the computer the problem has not cleared up, Step 3, REPORT. See the post above and submit a work order!

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