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English Learner Program Improvement Plan/Evaluation

Parental Waivers for English Learners

Current Update on Title III Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Funding Use Posted 2/18/16

Elementary and Secondary

Education Act


Local Educational Agency Plan Goal 2

Budget Update


Name of LEA: Colusa Unified School District                                      

Fiscal Year:   2015/2016

Total Title III Allocation:

LEP $40,655         

Immigrant: $1,255


LEP Administrative & Indirect Costs (2%): $ 813                        

Immigrant Administrative & Indirect Costs: $25


For each applicable Title III goal indicated below, indicate the key actions that will be implemented to meet each goal, the related Title III budget item, and the estimated cost for each item.


Title III Goal


Specific Title III Supplemental Key Actions (Activities) to Meet Goal

Unit (Purchase) Detail

Associated Estimated Costs for each Activity Listed

Goal 2A: AMAO 1- Annual progress Learning English

Supplemental English Language Development instruction provided by three Bi-lingual Para-educators who work at the direction of the K-3 classroom teachers.  With input from the site Reading specialist, these Paras work as Tier III interventionists with ELL students who are not yet re-designated as FEP. 


1@ $18.77/hr 6.5hrs/day 180days/year = $21,960

2@ $15.44/ hr 3.75hrs/day 180days/year = $20,844

$39,842 - Title III LEP

$2,962 – LCFF Supplemental and Concentration funding.

Goal 2B: AMAO 2 - English Proficiency




Goal 2C: AMAO 3 -Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in English/Language Arts




Goal 2C: AMAO 3 – AYP in Mathematics




Goal 2D: High Quality Professional Development




Goal 2E: Parent and Community Participation




Goal 2F: Parental Notification




Goal 2G: Services for Immigrant Students

(for LEAs receiving Title III, Immigrant funds)

Acquisition of supplementary instructional / curriculum materials used in targeted interventions for immigrant students. 

MMH Treasures Decodable Reader package $278

MMH Treasures Sound Spelling Cards – Large $126

MMH Treasures Intervention Practice Books $180

MMH Treasures Supplemental Reading Books Grades 2&3 $854


$1,230 - Title III Immigrant

$208 - LCFF Supplemental and Concentration funding.


Goal 5A: Increase Graduation Rates





Total Title III Budget Estimate (Include Administration and Indirect Costs) for LEP and Immigrant Programs



LEP $ 40,655

IMM $ 1,255


Program Notes:

  1. Activities must be of supplemental nature. Align activities with associated estimated costs.
  2. LEAs must expend Title III funds on activities that are required, allowable, allocable, necessary and reasonable.
  3. Title III funds should supplement the level of Federal, State, and local funds, including LCFF funds.

2016 Goal 2 Plan